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Have you signed up for My Health Record?

What is it? My Health Record is an online system, storing all your health information in the one place, allowing healthcare providers to have quick and easy access to all My Health Records resulting in faster and more efficient care for patients.

Who can see it? Registered healthcare provider organisations will have access to your My Health Record, but if you choose to, you can control who sees your information. There are rules and regulations on who can see your My Health Record protecting your health information from misuse or loss.

Can I control what appears on My Health Record? Yes, you can set access controls to restrict which healthcare providers can see your health information.

Why do we recommend it? By signing up for My Health Record you'll no longer need to worry about remembering or repeating your health history with different or new health care providers. It also allows health care providers to provide the best possible care quickly.

Ask one of our staff members about My Health Record today.

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