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Older person's Health Assessments (Bulkbilled)

What are health assessments?

Health assessments provide an opportunity for your GP to undertake an in-depth assessment of your health. This assssment covers medical, physical, psychological and social aspects of health.


Who can have one?

All people aged 75 years and over, or 55 or over for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoplpe, who are living in the community or in hostel level aged care accommodation.


Why is your Doctor suggesting a health assessment for you?

Your Doctor is offering you a health assessment to assist you to maintain good health. It also allows your Doctor to address issues that are difficult to cover in a normal consultation, sich as nutrition. A health assessment provides you an opportunity to raise any concerns that you may have about your health, such as hearing difficulties or sleeping problems.


Does having a health assessment mean there is something wrong with me?

Not at all. A health assessment helps your Doctor assess your overall level of health in order to provide advice aimed at preventing ill health in the future. Your Doctor will be offering a health assessment to many other patients who regularly attend the practice.


What happens during a health assessment?

The assessment has two parts, an information part and a detailed medical assessment. These cover the following areas of physical, psychological and social health:

Activities of Daily Life (ADLs), physical function; Blood pressure (BP), pulse rate and rhythym; Immunisation status; Continence status; Medication review; Mental state review; Psychological function (mood and perception); Social function; Physical exam (lungs, abdomen, nervous system and joints etc.; Fitness to drive; Hearing and vision; Oral health; Diet and nutrition; Foot care; SLeep; Cardiovascular risk; Smoking and alcohol intake; Home safety. 


Who conducts the health assessment?

Your normal GP will manage the health assessment with the help of one of our practice nurses. The whole assessment, however, is always done under the guidance of your Doctor. The initital part of the assessment is done by the nurse, and because this is an in-depth assessment of your health, it is important that you attend your usual Doctor for review afterwards.


How long will it take?

The Health Assessment is spread over two consultations. The first consultation is with the nurse and usually taked 45 to 60 minutes. A second consultation of 15 minutes is then conducted by your usual Doctor. This provides an opportunity to go through the results and recommendations.


How do I make an appointment?

Simply speak to one of our friendly reception staff to make an appointment for a health assessment. Alternatively, let your Doctor know at your next visit and they can organise the appointment.

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