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GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP)


A MHTP is a plan made by your doctor for the long term treatment of a mental health condition that interferes with cognitive, emotional or social abilities. 

Your doctor will work with you to assess yoru mental health, work out what help you need, set goals and choose the teatment that would best suit you. Onc you and you doctor have agreed on your goals and what you need to achieve, your doctor will write out a mental health treatment plan. 


What are the benefits for having a MHTP?

It can help you to set goals, monitor your progress and achieve goals. A clea, long term plkan can lead to better treatment and is more effective than just dealing with problems when they arise. Having a plan also helps everyone involved in your mental health care (ie. phychiatrists & psychologists) to work towards the same goals. 


Are there Medicare Rebates?

Patients who are treated under a MHTP are eligible for up to 6 subsidised individual sessions per calendar year with an allied health professional who is registered with Medicare. 


What happens after a GP Mental Health Care Plan is prepared?

Your doctor will review your progress against the plan by looking at how you are going compares to the goals you have set, and updating the plan if needed. Usually this happens one to six months after the plan is made. Sometimes there will be another review three months after the first review. You might have other visits with your doctor between reviews as part of your treatment. You don't have to wait for a review to talk about any concerns you might have or changes you might want to make to your plan. You can discuss these with your doctor at any time.


Something to consider 

It is important to know that having a MHTP will be recorded with Medicare for a period of 7 years. It is possibel that it may impact insurance applications, or applications to the police and armed services. etc. Please speak to your GP if you have any concerns or would like any more information about this. 


Will I get a copy of the plan?

Your doctor will offer you a copy of the plan are will also keep a copy on your meidcal records. If you consent, a copy can also be given to other people such as your psychologists or carer. 


How much will it cost?

Generally the Gap you will pay will be the same as for a normal consult. 


Other Services


Mental Health Consultation

This is a longer appointment with your doctor (more than 20 minutes) in which you and your doctor focus on you mental health. These longer consultations might be used as part of your MHTP, however you do not have to have a MHTP to have a Mental Health Consult. 


More Information

A number of fact sheets and information on depression, anxiety and related substance use disorders are available from beyondblue - the national depression initiative at:


Links to other mental health services can also be found at


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