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GP Management Plans (Formerly Enhanced Primary Care plans) - Bulkbilled


You may be eligible to receive up to 5 Medicare subsidised allied service consultations per calendar year. Allied services include Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Dietitian services, Psychology and Podiatry. To be eligible you are required to have a complex and chronic condition (one that is, or is  likely to be, present for 6 months or more) as determined by your doctor. For example diabetes, asthma, arthritis, cancer and heart disease.


If you are eligible, your doctor can organise a GP management plans and complete the referrals to the appropriate allied health service providers.


People with a GP Management Plan are eligible for 5 Medicare rebates per year ($52.95 per visit). Please not that there may be a gap payment over the Medicare Rebate, so check with the allied health care professional before your appointment.


Who conducts the GP management plan?

You normal GP will supervise the management plan with the help of one of our practice nurses. Although the management plan is conducted by one of our nurses, it is completed under the guidance of your Doctor.

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